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We have implemented a gallery in which players will be able to upload the screenshots that they take ingame
and share them with their friends. There's no better way to interact with others than showing them what you are up to.

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Real Strenght

We have developed a statistics board on our website where players will be capable of consulting
the most diverse information about the server, including the players leaderboard.

Years Online

Shannara Conquer is one of the longest maintained classic server for Conquer Online out there. It was originally launched on 17th February 2016 and since then it has had an average of one update every week counting with 60 client-side patches.

Shannara now counts with a brand new server - Origins - that emulates the real classic feel of Conquer Online with lower rates, original features and a fair gameplay balanced according to the feedback received by the community.

What makes us unique
Community driven

Our main focus since day one has always been the community and how we can bring a better experience for everyone.


A transparent management leads to an informed and educated community. This is one of our most important cornerstones.


We collect our community's suggestions and wishes to deliver an entirely improved experience with innovative concepts.

All Reviews
I need a refund on my recent donation. It seems that you dont need VIP on a miner to cancel out ores. I was not aware of it.. I'd rather move the VIP over.
Very friendly community :) Started 2 days ago, have gotten a lot of help already
I would like to say this server has the most helpful customer service available and I'm really enjoying living my childhood playing a conquer 1.0 server!
pretty amazing, such a good kind of site,
Good and clean server, meteor and DB rate could be higher tho
Great server for any of those looking for a classic experience but there is still room for improvements.
Frequently Asked Questions
Important information
How do I sign up?
In order to sign up you must navigate to the 'Register' page under the 'Account' menu. Here you will be asked to provide your email address and pick your account/password.
How do I verify my email?
Once you have registered your account an email will be sent to you with instructions on how to verify it. Once you have verified your email, you will not be asked to do it again.
How do I download the game?
The game client can be downloaded from the 'Download' page. The installer will guide you through the entire installation process.
How do I install new patches?
The server has a working 'Autopatch' meaning that all new available patches will be automatically applied when you initiate the game client.
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